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  • Makedo cardboard construction Starter kit - 36 pieces
  • Kit contents - Makedo cardboard construction Starter Kit


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This is all you need to get started.

Try Makedo for the first time with this basic starter pack or use it to top-up your existing Makedo. With the included Mini-Tool, it’s ready to use out of the box so you will be constructing with cardboard in no time.

What’s included?

36 Pieces

28 x Scru (connects 1-3 layers)
7 x Scru+ (connects 3-5 layers)
1 x Mini-Tool


The Starter kit is recommended as suitable for ages 4+.

All Makedo products are independently safety tested to an age grading of 3+ and comply with these international toy standards:
• ASTM F963
• Canada Toys Regulations SOR
• AS/NZS 8124

PRÈCAUTION! Danger d’ètouffement - Petits èlèments
PRUDENCIA! Peligro de atragantamiento - Partes pequeñas
VORSICHET! Erstickungsgefahr - Kleine Teile

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Smarter by design

  • Scru

    The heart of the Makedo cardboard construction system. Easily and firmly connect layers of cardboard with the Scru. Completely reusable, just a few quick turns and the Scru is released.
    Makedo Scru cardboard connector features in detail
  • Scru+

    Connect up to five layers of corrugated cardboard or attach 3d printable Makedo parts such as hinges and angle brackets.
    Makedo Scru+ features in detail
  • Mini-Tool

    Always on hand for extra making, it’s a Scru-Driver made mini.

Makedo Shop FAQs

Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Orders for Australian and NZ destinations ship from Makedo HQ in Melbourne.

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Standard shipping orders are dispatched from Melbourne within 2 business days and generally arrive  between 2-5 days from dispatch. 

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No, we only sell the tools for cardboard construction - to safely cut and connect.

In the spirit of making do, you need to find the cardboard locally.

Here are a few ideas for where to find good cardboard:

- In your home recycling bin
- At the grocer
- At the hardware store 
- Near the loading bay at most supermarkets 
- From picture framers
- At bicycle and appliance stores  
- At second-hand box suppliers 
- At cardboard recycling plants 
- From cardboard manufacturers

The amount of Makedo you need depends on the number of people who will be working with Makedo at any given time and also the scale of what they are working on. As a rough guide we recommend the following: 

1-2 makers: 1x Explore kit (50 pieces)

2-5 makers / family group: 1x Discover kit (126 pieces)

12-24 makers / classroom: 1x Invent kit (360 pieces)

Top up your collection:
Additional packs of Makedo Scru connectors and individual tools are also available from our online store. 

Anyone over the age of four can Makedo. If you are able to imagine that a cardboard box can be something other than ‘a box', then you have just earned your License to Makedo!

General recommendations:

Children aged 4+ 
can make with the assistance of an adult.
Children aged 7+ can make independently.
Children 3 years or younger are not advised to have unsupervised access to Makedo.

Older siblings, parents, neighbours and friends
 are all encouraged to join in too!

What can you make? What can't you make! 

With Makedo cardboard construction tools, makers of all ages can join cardboard together quickly, cleanly and easier than ever before.

To see some of the fantastic ideas for creations from Makedo makers across the globe, head to our Inspiration HUB.

Makedo strives to support children and adults all over the globe to become 21st century thinkers!

We believe when people are making and playing freely they are solving problems, exploring new ideas, stretching their imagination, developing new skills, testing their limits, tapping into their instincts, collaborating and innovating.

These are all good things and we want to foster more of it.

Why Makedo?

The awesomeness of Makedo is that we learn by doing; creating, experimenting, failing, thinking, recreating and maybe solving. With Makedo, learners can explore their ideas and hypotheses in an open-ended, hands on way that engenders a deeper understanding of concepts with application to real-life scenarios.

  • Fun

    Makedo is a super fun, hands-on making experience that ignites open-ended, immersive play.

  • Collaborative

    Makedo experiences bring people together to create memorable moments.

  • Sustainable

    Makedo tools are reusable and the making material is upcycled cardboard.

  • Educational

    Makedo tools promote imagination, communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.

  • Safe

    Makedo tools are custom designed to be safe and easy to use (global safety standards tested to age 3+).


Repurpose today. Solve tomorrow.